PRR2030 - Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Upgrading of utility buildings with 70% non-refundable.

The Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) is a nationwide programme, with an implementation period until 2026, which will implement a set of reforms and investments aimed at restoring sustained economic growth after the pandemic, reinforcing the goal of convergence with Europe over the next decade.

This investment plan is for all Portuguese citizens and is based on three structuring dimensions: Resilience; Climate Transition; Digital Transition.

And it is in the Climate Transition dimension, where 6 Components with intervention in strategic areas were considered, that we find energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energies, the focus of this article.

PRR2030 - Energy Efficiency in Buildings
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Priority for Economic Recovery

Focusing on energy efficiency in buildings is a priority for economic recovery aligned with climate transition, in line with the objectives of the European Green Pact. This Programme fits, among others, with the European “Renewal Wave” initiative, which is specifically dedicated to building renovation and aims to address the current low renovation rates across the EU, as well as providing a framework for renovation to play a key role in supporting a green and digital recovery. The programme “Energy efficiency in services buildings” covers the territory of mainland Portugal.

At a national level, this initiative is part of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 (PNEC 2030), approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 53/2020, of 10 July, the Long-Term Strategy for Building Renewal (ELPRE), approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 8-A/2021, of 3 February, and the Resource Efficiency Programme in Public Administration for the period up to 2030 (ECO.AP 2030), approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 104/2020. º 8-A/2021, of 3 February, and in the Programme for Resource Efficiency in Public Administration for the period up to 2030 (ECO.AP 2030), approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 104/2020, of 24 November, being fully aligned with the national objectives on energy and climate with a view to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

Eligible Expenses

These are the types of intervention to be carried out on a building or multiple buildings included in the same Energy Certificate:

Opaque and glazed enclosure

  • Replacement of glazed windows
  • Shadings
  • Cookers
  • Coverage
  • Insulation application
  • Installation of systems that promote natural ventilation and natural lighting

Intervention in technical systems

  • Heat exchangers AVAC systems
  • Thermal insulation in production systems
  • Replacement of luminaires
  • Solutions to reduce consumption
  • Energy monitoring systems
  • Sensors and energy flow regulators

Power generation

  • Photovoltaic panels with or without batteries
  • Renewable heating systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Biomass boilers

Water Efficiency

  • Water utilisation systems
  • Consumption monitoring systems

Immaterial Actions

  • Energy audits
  • Energy certificate (before and after)
  • Consultancy/audit actions

The beneficiaries of this Notice are legal and natural persons who are owners of existing private sector commerce and services buildings, under the terms of paragraph w) of Article 3 of Decree-Law 101-D/2020, of 7 December, as amended, and who carry out commercial activity in that building, including entities operating in the area of tourism and Social Economy entities under the terms of the provisions of Article 4 of Law 30/2013, of 8 May 2013, as amended.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for submission of applications to this Notice is 11:59 pm on 31 May 2022 or until the limit of the budget allocation, whichever occurs first.

The building, object of the application, must be covered by the energy certification system, being eligible Small services buildings and Large services buildings.

The entity that manages the whole process is the Environmental Fund. You can make your application in this link.

You can also check the 2nd republication of the Investment Notice TC-C13-i03 – Energy efficiency in services buildings No. 01/C13-i03/2022 here.

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